Salman Ali

Salman Ali was born in Dassu, a mountainous village in Skardu on the way to the K-2 Base Camp and other prominent mountains and glaciers of the Karakoram region. He embarked on his guiding career during his teenage years while pursuing his studies. Salman has earned a bachelor’s degree and, for the past three decades, has been working with one of the leading tour agencies, Adventure Tours Pakistan. Currently, he is an integral part of Discover Pakistan, where he imparts his expertise to our valued trekkers in the magnificent mountains of Pakistan.

In addition to trekking, Salman also leads rafting and kayaking expeditions on the turquoise rivers of Northern Pakistan and Chitral. He is a highly experienced guide who has led numerous treks and hikes in some of Pakistan’s most beautiful and remote wilderness areas. Salman possesses an in-depth knowledge of local terrain, weather patterns, and natural history. He is highly proficient in navigation and wilderness survival.

Salman is a certified wilderness first responder with extensive knowledge of Pakistan’s mountains. His passion for the outdoors is evident, and he possesses a profound understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the regions he guides in. Salman’s extensive field experience has endowed him with unparalleled expertise, earning the trust of his clients in his judgment and ability to safely lead them on their journeys.

Furthermore, Salman excels as a communicator, providing clear and concise instructions to clients, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident on the trail. He is an empathetic and adaptable guide, tailoring his leadership style to meet the needs of his clients. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, Salman ensures that clients leave each trip feeling enlightened and enriched.

Salman’s vast experience, knowledge, and unwavering passion for the outdoors make him an ideal choice for anyone seeking an unforgettable hiking experience.