The Best Places to Visit in Ghizer

Ghizer Valley is a stunningly beautiful valley located in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is known for its majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and lush green landscapes. It has some of the best places to visit in Ghizer Valley. Above all, the lakes and it is home to incredible trekking routes that offer circular treks. Furthermore, the Ghizer Valley has an amazing landscape and hospitable inhabitants. Moreover, the region is completely safe for any kind of visitor. There are the best hotels to stay and restaurants to eat.

The unique Places to visit in Ghizer Valley

Without a doubt, “The Land of Lakes” has several best places to visit that offer top tourist attractions. The valley is famous for day hikes, long treks, and climbing as well as historical places to explore the hidden gems.

Phander Valley:

The most beautiful tourist spot Phander offers incredible attractions and things to do. There are several crystal clear lakes and rivers full of Trout Fish. You may enjoy fishing activities in the lakes and rivers by getting a permit on the spot. The fisheries department should facilitate the visitor on the spot.

Apart from all these, Phander Valley is a paradise for nature lovers. It is also home to several endangered species of flora and fauna. There are trekking opportunities with the valley or traverse into other nearby regions. Above all, the scenic beauty of the Phander Valley attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. In addition, the most beautiful Shandur Road passes through this beautiful Valley that adds to the attractions of Ghizer Valley.

Khalti Lake is the Best Place to visit in Ghizer

On the road in the Ghizer Valley, this serene lake is surrounded by majestic mountains and is a popular spot for camping and fishing. This is the natural lake in between two small villages one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Ghizer Valley.

The Best Places to Stay and dine in Phander Valley

Without a doubt, Phander Valleys are some of the places with the best hotels with basic services. However, the hotel has friendly and cooperative staff to make your stay enjoyable.

Hill Top Hotel and Restaurant Phander

This is one of the best hotels in Phander Valley. It has 8 comfortable and cozy rooms as well as a restaurant eating. In addition, it has an amazing view of Phander Lake which is near the hotel. The hotel also provides transport and guide services.

Sada Bahar Hotel Phander Valley

Of course, one of the beautiful places Gologh has is this hotel. It has 20 rooms with basic facilities and normal rooms. You may enjoy staying there with delicious food and trout fish in the Sada Bahar Hotel

Lake Inn Hotel and Restaurant

With a stunning view of the Phander Valley and a beautiful garden. There are 7 normal rooms with basic facilities and services. However, the price is also reasonable, and friendly owners and staff are. They also arrange local transport and guide services for day hikes and short trekking trips. There are several best places to visit in the valley.

Gupis Valley

 Famous for its apricot orchards and trout-filled rivers, Gupis Valley is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the rural life of northern Pakistan.

The places to visit in Ghizer

Ghizer Blossom Inn Hotel Gupis

One of the top hotels in Ghizer is Ghizer Blossom Inn Gupis. It has 20 best standard and cozy rooms. The hotel has professional staff. There is good internet as compared to other parts of the Ghizer Valley. Above all, the hotel has good access from Yasin and Phander Valley.

Shandur Pass is the most interesting place to Visit in Ghizer

On the way to Chitral in the Ghizer, we have one of the most beautiful Shandur Pass at 3,732 meters. This pass is famous because of the highest polo ground in the world where a colorful annual festival happens every year. For more details, you may visit the Shandur Polo Festival on our website. In addition, it has tiny snow-covering mountains in the surroundings and a crystal-clear lake. These all make it the best place to visit in Ghizer.

Yasin Valley is the best tourist place to visit in Ghizer

The most beautiful place in Ghizer Yasin Valley lies westward. It has great connections through amazing passes to the Yarkhun Valley of Upper Chitral. The historical Darkot Pass and Thui Pass are the famous passes in Yasin Valley. Apart from these, there are several day hikes and beautiful places to visit. Mizar-e-Lalik Jan the first Nishan-e-Haider holder in Gilgit Baltistan offers great attractions for visitors. The historical villages and typical cultural houses add to the beauty of the valley as well. Furthermore, it is one of the most beautiful mountains for climbers in Yasin Valley.

In addition, Yasin Valley is known for its picturesque villages, green fields, and fruit orchards. It is also home to several ancient rock carvings and petroglyphs.

The best places to Stay in Ghizer Valley

Yasin Fort Hotel one of the best hotels in Ghizer is in Yasin. It has great rooms and facilities in the hotel. Above all, the delicious traditional food is a great addition to this hotel. Apart from these, a stunning view of the surroundings makes it a unique hotel in Ghizer Valley.

Yasin Heaven Hotel

The second best hotel with 10 rooms is Yasin Heaven Hotel. It is located in central Yasin and is easily accessible. The services and friendly staff of this hotel are a great experience for visitors. It also offers local traditional food. The garden with cherry trees is another highlight of the Hotel. You may have the services of transport here as well.

Gakuch the Administrative Center of the Ghizer District

 This small town is the administrative capital of the Ghizer District and is famous for its beautiful landscape. Moreover, it has the historical fort at Upper Gahkuch and there is a great viewpoint as well. Gahkuch has some of the best hotels to stay and dine in. You may also visit nearby villages from Gahkuch using passenger transport services.

Hotels to Stay and Eat in Gahkuch

There are a couple of the best hotels in Gahkuch for your stay and eat. Green Palace is the best hotel with more than 25 rooms. It has a beautiful garden and professionally friendly staff as well you will enjoy your stay there.

The Metropolitan Hotel Gahkuch

One of the best hotels in Gahkuch is the Metropolitan Hotel. It has 20 comfortable rooms and the best restaurant that offers delicious food. A hotel Manager is a friendly person who makes your trip full of experience. They can guide you to the best places to visit in Ghizer Valley. The prices of the hotels are quite reasonable in the Ghizer Valley.

Ishkoman Valley is the Best Place to Visit in Ghizer Valley

The Ishkoman Valley is home to several high-altitude lakes, glaciers, and mountain peaks. It is also a great spot for trekking and mountaineering. In addition, it is home to some of the famous trekking routes. The most beautiful Korumbar Lake and Wakhan Corridor Trek lead from here. Moreover, the Naltar and Pakhora Pass trek that connects Gilgit and Ishkoman is accessible from there. Furthermore, the Ishkoman Valley has some interesting day hikes like Dain Waterfall with stunning views.

These are just a few of the many amazing places to visit in Ghizer Valley. The valley is full of natural wonders and cultural treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

Finally, Ghizer Valley is rich in places to visit for holidays. There is interesting history, beautiful places to visit, and trekking opportunities. Above all, the hospitality of the local community has no example of anywhere else. If someone travels to the best places in Ghizer will enjoy all these. If you wish to visit and plan your trip contact Discover Pakistan to make it enjoyable.

Places to Stay in Iskoman Valley

Royal Guest House with 6 excellent rooms and a beautiful garden with fruit trees. The staff is friendly which makes your stay comfortable. There huge garden for fans of camping. You may bring your tent and camp here as well. The food especially the Trout Fish in a unique way of Cooking is delicious.  Don’t miss the Sikander’s cooked fish. In addition, they organize local guides and transport in the valley.

Bam-e-Dunya is another best hotel in Ghizer Valley it has 8 comfortable rooms. The hotel has stunning views of Ishkoman Valley as well. In addition, the owner and the staff are very friendly.

What are the things to do in Ghizer Valley?

Ghizer Valley has several tourist attractions and destinations to enjoy your holidays. Of course, it offers many interesting things in the valley like trekking, climbing, fishing, hunting, rafting, and kayaking. Above all, the Ghizer River from Shandur Lake to Gilgit is the top favorable for rafting. In the mountains, we have Himalayan Ibex for hunters with permits. Kurombar National Park offers the best hunting opportunities in Iskoman Valley.

For trekking there several circular treks in the valley to enjoy trekking. There are easy and hard trekking routes to go on. Discover Pakistan will organize your trip to the best places to visit in Ghizer Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ghizer Famous for?

Ghizer is not popular only for its beauty but also has the most beautiful lakes making it the best tourist attraction in Pakistan.

  • How many lakes are there in Ghizer Valley?

There Ghizer Valley has more than 600 lakes, but most of them have not yet been explored. The most famous lakes in Phander Valley give it the name “The Land of Lakes.

  • Why do most people like to visit Ghizer Valley?

Without a doubt, the Ghizer Valley has a unique beauty in Pakistan that makes it the most visited region

  • What are the things to do in Ghizer Valley?

The valley is full of natural beauty and a hub of trekking routes so someone can choose the best trekking destination. Ghizer River is rich in Trout Fish you may enjoy fishing anywhere you go. Especially, phander Valley is the best place for Trout Fish.

  • Which is the most famous lake in Gilgit-Batistan?

The most famous lake is Phander Lake in Gilgit-Baltistan. This lake is easily accessible from the road you may enjoy camping or staying in a hotel near the lake.