The Majestic Himalaya, Karakorum & Hindukush Trek


In the first part, a visit to Fairy Meadows & Nang Parbat Base Camp from Raikot Glacier will be completed. Nanga Parbat (8,125m) in Himalaya. The second part of the trek is to Pakora Pass (4710m) which links the Naltar to Ishkoman in Karakorum. The third part takes via Attar Pass to Darkot Valley Yasin Valley in Hindukush.

  • Trip Code Start and Finish
    • DP-TR-10
  • Altitude Best time
    • 4,700M
  • Activity Level Activity
    • Easy
  • Duration Meals
    • 20 days
    All three Meals
  • Group Size Guide
    • 1-12 People
    Local Guides
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The Majestic Himalaya, Karakorum & Hindukush Trek


In the first part, a visit to Fairy Meadows & Nang Parbat Base Camp from Raikot Glacier will be completed. Nanga Parbat (8,125m). The second part of the trek is to Pakora Pass (4710m) which links the Naltar Gah and Pakora Gol. Shani and Sentinel Peaks attract climbers. The trek can also be done from east to west and combines easily with the Asumbar Haghost. The last leg of the trip is Ishkoman to Darkot village trek over Attar Pass, an easy but interesting short trekking route. The trek starts in a small village called Ghutolti. The valley is ideal for attempting small peaks of 6000 meters. After two days trek you will reach Attar Lake, a beautiful natural water reservoir that lies at an altitude of around 4000 meters above sea level. The Lake is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and snow-capped peaks.

TRIP FACTS                                                                                                    

Trip Code:   DP-TR-10

Best time:   Early June till Mid October 

Maximum Height:  4,746 meters 

Trek Grade:  Moderate 

Trip Length (Islamabad-Islamabad): 19 nights/20 days (9 hotel & 10 camping nights)

Trip Highlights

  • Fairy Meadows the paradise on earth
  • Nanga Parbat the Killer Mountain
  • Gilgit City
  • Naltar Valley the land of Alpine Forest
  • Naltar Pass between Karakorum and Hindukush
  • Ghizer the Land of Lakes Full of Trout 
  • Ishkoman Valley the Land of Loves
  • Attar Lake surrounded by Alpine Peaks
  • Darkut the village of history 

Call for general departures:

713 979 7485
The tour package inclusions and exclusions
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.



  • Airport transfers in Islamabad and Chitral
  • Domestic flights between Islamabad-Chitral-Islamabad in economy class with 20 kg checked baggage
  • Air-conditioned private transportation for one-day sightseeing in Islamabad 
  • Private transportation for one day of sightseeing in Chitral and Kalash Valleys. 
  • 4×4 jeeps/Toyotas from Chitral, Terich, for members and luggage.  

Note: Flights to Chiral are subject to weather conditions, and 2 flights in a week. In case of a flight cancellation, surface transfer will be provided to Chitral.


  • 7 nights’ hotel accommodation in standard hotels (4 nights in Islamabad in a 3* hotel and 3 nights in Chitral/Gilgit in a good standard tourist class hotel) on a twin/double sharing basis. 

Note: Please check the single supplement charges in case you wish to use a single room.


  • During hotel stays, breakfasts in Islamabad and full board (three meals) elsewhere. 
  • A farewell dinner in Islamabad at the end of the trip


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch 
  • Dinner
  • Tea, green tea, or coffee

Menu:  Breakfast: Combination of eggs, corn-flex, porridge, jam, honey, coffee, tea, etc. 

Lunch:  One dish lunch at the base camp and picnic lunch during the trek

Dinner:  Complete meal; soup, two/three dishes (combination of rice, mutton/beef, chicken,

Pulses, vegetables, pasta, spaghetti, etc.), salad, and dessert


  • Road taxes
  • Camping fees during the trek.
  • Bridge crossing fees.


  • Porters trekking food, camping equipment, and personal gear of trekkers.
  • A free baggage allowance of 15 kilograms per trekker is for personal gear.


Services of the following staff are included in the price. 

  • Local trekking guide 
  • Cook 
  • Cook helper (s) 


Insurance premium of a local guide, cook, cook helpers, etc. 


  • Sleeping tent for camping shared by two pax
  • Toilet tent
  • Complete mess tent/table/chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Toilet papers etc.

Note: Single tent can be provided; please check for single supplement charges 


  • Complete kitchen equipment, including kitchen tent, mess tent, tables & chairs, etc. 


  • A set of oxygen (4 litters gas cylinder, mask & regulator) will be available for emergencies. 
  • A set of satellite phones for emergency calls 
  • Basic first aid kit (we recommend bringing your own first aid medicine from your home country) 


There will be water filters or purification pills. You can ask the cook to fill your bottle with boiled water every morning during the trek. 

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


Below mentioned services are not included in our package, but some can be provided on request in advance. Please contact DP for further detail. 

  • International air ticket & airport taxes. 
  • Visa fee for Pakistan and personal insurance 
  • Extra hotel nights & meals due to change in plan 
  • Lunches & dinners in Islamabad
  • Beverages & Laundry
  • Sleeping bags, personal clothing, and trekking gear. 
  • Tips for trekking staff 
  • Tips for hotel & transport 
  • Any other service that is not mentioned in the list of services 


  • All trekking members will go together in one group and come back together.  The cost will also be charged if the group splits for personal reasons. 
  • Any extra cost due to road blockade or any other unforeseen reason will be charged in addition to the usual package offer. 


  1. 1


    City tour of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In sharp contrast to the ancient and historical cities and towns of Pakistan, the Federal Capital Islamabad is a new city modeled on the pattern of many new and modern Western capitals. Half-day city tour of Islamabad. Overnight at a hotel or guest house

    Rawalpindi – is a bustling town strategically located between the Punjab and Azad Kashmir. It has a strong colonial influence and possesses a large military cantonment with the headquarters of the Pakistan Army. It is the sister city of Islamabad and is essentially the older sister of Islamabad. To locals, Old bazaars, such as the Raja Bazaar, retain their oriental character, with artisans who still create in the old-fashioned way: designing jewelry, pounding out copper and brass items, fashioning cane baskets, and hand-carving walnut furniture.

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast
  2. 2


     Ten hours driving along the Naran and Kaghan Valley or on the 8th wonder of the World the Karakorum Highway which is worth to enjoy the diverse towns, cities, and villages with unique culture of the people along Hazara and Kohistan regions of the Khyber Pukhtun Khawn Province formerly it was North West Frontier Province and the mighty Indus River flows down from the Karakorum and Himalaya Mountains. In route, we stop at ancient rock carvings close to Chilas left by travelers, pilgrims, and traders on their way to the Sub-continent and Central Asia. It dates back to 5000-1000 BC the purpose of their journey on the rocks in different languages.

    Altitude: 1200

    Traveling Time: 10 hours via Besham 470 Km 

    via Naran and Kaghan 9 hours 397 km 

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  3. 3


    Drive to Raikot bridge (1.5 hr) where we will leave our car and take a jeep to reach to Tato (2 hrs). From Tato, there is another three hours trek to Fairy Meadow.  As we reach our camp late afternoon, we will take a rest at an Alpine Hut surrounded by trees and lush green meadows. 

    Altitude:  3200M

    Travel Time: Chilas-Raikot Bridge: 60 km (1.5-hour drive)

    Raikot-Tato: (9 km (1.5 hours) 

    Tato-Fairy Meadows: 16 km (3 hours hike)

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner
  4. 4


    The optional day hike up to Nanga Parbat base camp does involve a relatively long day of trekking. The trek follows a walk on a narrow goat path along a ridge overlooking Raikot Glacier; it descends to a stream originating from the melting Ganalo Glacier. Once cross the stream, the trek rises to the top of a ridge on the base of the snowy mountains. Another descent leads to a narrow reach of Ganalo Glacier marked by ice walls and big boulders affording access across the glacier. Following the glacier, the trek rises again leading now to a wider grassy plane and meadows in the wilderness with wildflowers above the tree line. Nestled between the monumental peaks, Nanga Parbat base camp (3,967m) offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and huge masses of snow and the frozen world

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  5. 5


    The day trip from Fairy Meadows to Naltar is truly a remarkable journey, filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and the promise of exciting explorations ahead.

    Early in the morning, we will set off from Fairy Meadows towards Tato and Raikot Bridge. Driving on the Karakorum Highway with views of Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, Haramosh and Diran Peak will take us to Gilgit. The most interesting highlight of the day is the meeting point of the Three Great Mountain Ranges, Himalaya, Karakorum, and Hindukush.

    We will stop in Gilgit for lunch. The following two hours took us through the picturesque village of Nomal and onto the narrow Naltar road, which winds along the river. As we journeyed along this road, hidden amidst the mountains and accessed through a dramatic barren gorge, we covered a distance of 19 km. To our pleasant surprise, Naltar welcomed us with its astonishingly verdant and lush landscape, a stark contrast to the surrounding terrain.

    At an elevation of 2880 m, we settled into a hotel for an overnight stay. The views from here are nothing short of spectacular, with the encompassing natural beauty captivating our senses. As the evening approached, we found ourselves immersed in the tranquil embrace of nature. This serene environment is the perfect way to unwind and connect with the surrounding wilderness.

    Altitude: 2880M

    Traveling Time: 5-6 hours 178 km

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  6. 6


    Starting from Naltar village, the trek to reach our destination typically spans between 5 to 7 hours. However, for a more convenient journey, we can opt for a jeep ride covering 12 km. This ride brings us to the mesmerizing 7 Colors Kutu Lake, surrounded by a serene grove of birch trees. The enchanting sight sets the stage for our adventure.

    We will continue our trek toward Lower Shani. This leg of the journey takes 4 to 5 hours and follows the meandering path along the Naltar River. As we traverse through dense forests and pass by settlements belonging to the Gujar community, the awe-inspiring vistas accompanying us all the way add a dash of magic to our trek. The trail is remarkably smooth, making the walk an enjoyable experience.

    The grandeur of Shani Peak, standing at an impressive 5,887 meters, catches our attention. Further north, the captivating presence of the triple-headed Twins, with altitudes of 5,798 and 5,700 meters, captures the imagination. The landscape unfolds, revealing a plethora of other peaks, each commanding its own unique allure.

    We arrive at the gorgeous campsite at Lower Shani, which is situated at an elevation of 3,800 meters, marking the end of our day’s travel. A calm stream that flows nearby and has banks covered in a colorful display of wildflowers nurtures this lovely sanctuary. Pink bistort, regal purple geraniums, exquisite blue gentians, pure white edelweiss, and other hues may be seen in the tapestry. In this setting, herds of animals amble gracefully down the hillsides, fostering a sense of genuine harmony with the natural world.

    Altitude:               3,800M

    Travel Time:        6-7 hours 9.5 Km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  7. 7


    5-6 hours The Upper Shani is totally ascending climbing straight ahead with zigzags way through knee-deep flowers (between mid-July to August) and up a wide grassy shoulder. Continue on a decent trail along the edge of the Shani Glacier for another two hours. You emerge onto a huge plateau where herds of grazing yaks, cows, and horses may be seen. There are many lovely lakes with pure streams, spring water, and fantastic views of the drooping seracs. Camp at 4,100 meters on a plateau with breathtaking views; the nighttime low will be 10 degrees Celsius.

    Altitude:                 4,100M

    Traveling Time:   6-7 hours 10 Km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  8. 8


    On this day we will walk 6-8 hours where we can see snow-covered mountains in the distance to the northeast over Passu in Hunza after spending the first two hours climbing up with stones and snow to reach the flat summit of the pass. From the pass, you will continue to drop down into Pakhora Ishkoman for the entire two-hour descent on the glacier, followed by a descent to Kuriu Borth on top of the moraine. The typical camping area is located close to a large red stone known as Kauri Borth at a height of around 3,900 meters (red stone in the Khowar Language, spoken in Ishkoman). It would be wise to travel down another hour to UCh, a stunning location with a lush green meadow hidden in a dense forest.  The campsite is more comfortable and enjoyable. 

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  9. 9


    On this exciting day, we will walk for 5-6 hours descending, first along the trees for two hours, and then on a clear donkey trail through a tight ravine that winds and zigzags. There are other tiny waterfalls along the way, and the river continues to flow to your right. The largest village in Ishkoman is Pakhora. After this strenuous journey, we’ll travel down to Chatorkhan and spend the night in a hotel there. Washing and taking a hot shower in the Royal Guest House’s lovely garden. A filling traditional meal followed by a fantastic evening of singing and dancing (if you’re interested) around a bonfire in a lovely royal garden. Sweet dreams all night long.

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  10. 10


    A beautiful extra day to enjoy the natural beauty, local culture, and hospitality of the mountain communities.

    A day hike to Dain Water Falls, which offers both breathtaking splendor and a chance to interact with local mountain communities, set out on a two-hour hike or take a relaxing vehicle journey. From the falls, take in the stunning views of the Hindukush and Karakoram mountains. Spend more time at the inviting Guest House for a relaxing experience. Investigate your possibilities for hiking and trekking within the valley and its tributary valleys. This trek is a doorway to genuine encounters and breathtaking sights that will significantly enhance your adventure.

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  11. 11


    We’ll be traveling north today, via the gorgeous settlements of the Ishkoman Valley, towards Emit and the actual Ishkoman. A mesmerizing journey leads to Korumbar Lake from the town of Emit, which is situated along the Wakhan Corridor to Broghil north of Chitral. To go to Proper Ishkoman, we shall do a U-turn at Doke and cross the Korumbar River. We will eventually arrive in Ghotolti, the beginning point for a pair of beautiful walks from Ishkoman to Yasin, after passing via the charming villages of Mominabad and Faizabad. One of the longest glaciers in the Hindukush Chiantir may be reached from this town, which is located to the north of Ghotolti. We’ll set up camp here and coordinate the transportation and porters for the journey to

    Altitude: 3100 M

    Traveling Time: 2 hours 20 Km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breafast, Lunch, Dinner
  12. 12


    It is an intriguing 4 to 6-hour trek offering views of 5000 to 6000-meter white-peaked mountains. The first 2 hours follow an easy jeep road to Hundis, the highest winter village at 3000 meters, surrounded by barley fields. Northward, the Mathan Tir Valley reveals jagged peaks. A bridge leads to another 3 to 4-day trek to Darkot over Punji Pass.

    Continuing along the Mathan Tir River, encounter huts where hospitable locals spend summers with their cattle. Immerse in their culture over a cup of tea, gaining insights into mountain life.

    These treks amplify holiday joy, winding through juniper scrub, occasional cedar, pine, Rowan trees, and wild roses. Passing settlements above, the journey leads to Mathan Tir, a serene summer village at 3600 meters near the Attar River. Clear spring water and green grounds offer a tranquil camping site.

    In summary, this trek promises both natural beauty and cultural immersion—an adventure etched with mountain views and enriching local connections.

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  13. 13


    Embark on a captivating 3-4 hour trek through picturesque summer villages along the Attar Valley. The path winds under birch trees, with views of 6000 to 6600-meter snow-capped peaks. Many peaks remain unnamed, awaiting climbers. After 4 hours, reach Attar Lake (Barri), a serene campsite at 3800 meters, surrounded by summer huts. For a free day, explore rock climbing walls nearby, adding to the adventure. This journey encapsulates natural beauty, local history, and active engagement in the outdoors.

    Altitude: 3,800M

    Travel Time: 3-4 hours, 8.5 km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  14. 14


    Exploring the surroundings if you have a rock climbing experience is the best place to enjoy it here. Here we offer several days to enjoy adventure holidays hiking, climbing alpine, peaks, and walking to lakes and glacier walks. This is the best place to spend multiple days if you are interested. 

    Join us at Discover Pakistan and explore the magic of Hindukush alpine peaks, lakes, glaciers, forests, and the art of nature.

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  15. 15


    Today, our journey leads us on a leisurely three to four-hour stroll alongside the serene lake. As we walk, a gentle stream will meander down from the icy embrace of the mountains, and vibrant flowers will grace the path, painting it with colors. Your steps will bring you to a lush campsite adorned with wild onions, infusing the air with their fragrance.

    The distant and nearby mountains hold a special allure, filling me with great joy. They stand as silent witnesses to the beauty of this landscape, inspiring a sense of connection with the natural world.

    Close to your camp, intriguing opportunities await those seeking more adventure. Several locations beckon, inviting you to ascend peaks ranging from 5000 to 6000 feet. If climbing is your passion, the afternoon presents a chance to fulfill your ambitions and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas.

    As night falls, embrace the enchantment of tent camping, enveloped by the soothing sounds of nature. Under the starlit sky, the campsite transforms into a sanctuary of tranquility.

    In essence, this day’s journey encompasses the essence of both leisure and adventure. The stroll by the lake introduces you to a symphony of nature, where the stream, the flowers, and the mountains harmonize to create a sensory experience. The possibility of climbing further adds a layer of excitement, granting you a unique perspective of this captivating landscape. And finally, as you settle into your tent, you’ll discover that the night is as serene as the day was eventful, making this an all-encompassing expedition of discovery and delight.

    Altitude: 4000M

    Travel Time: 3 hours 7 km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  16. 16


    Allow 4 to 5 hours to complete the hard climb to the northeast’s summit. After a modest ascent, you reach the top, which provides an exhilarating perspective of both sides, which is the final section of the journey to the pass. On the pass, snow can occasionally be found early or late in the season. I’m referring to if you visit in May or towards the end of September. You can get to lovely camping on the Yasin side with a clear spring and views of down valleys in one to one and a half hours. Welcome to the other side of the pass, your porters, who are running down towards the campground to celebrate your accomplishment. You’ll camp. here on about 3,800 meters in a beautiful lush green campsite. Stay the night in a tent.

    Altitude: 3,800M

    Travel Time: 7-8 hours 13Km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  17. 17


    An easy 4- to 5-hour descent will bring you to the summer huts of Bohrek, Momosil, and Selling Harang, where Darkot residents will greet you warmly and serve you tea and regional fare just as they would in the Ishkoman village. You must not reject the offers made by the mountain people in North Pakistan, which represent their distinct culture. You will arrive in Darkot, the final settlement in Yasin Valley, after three hours of walking. About 350 homes are there. Spend the night in a tent while exploring the old village.
    The Russian invasion of the subcontinent, Tibetan dominance in the Little Blore, and other historical events are all covered in Darkut. the place of the murder of the British Geographer George Hayward in 1870 here.
    Darkot is the junction point of 4 amazing trekking routes to Ishkoman, Broghil, and Thui Valley over majestic mountain passes.

    Altitude: 3100M

    Travel Time-4-5 hours, 12.8 km

    Accomodation: Camp
    Meals: Breakfast
  18. 18


    Experience a captivating drive from Darkot to Gilgit through the stunning Ghizer Valley. This journey unveils picturesque villages, the scenic Ghizer River, diverse landscapes, and enriching cultural interactions. Arriving in Gilgit, you’ll carry the memories of a day well spent exploring this captivating region.

    Altitude: 1500M

    Travel Time: 4-5 hours 130 Km


    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  19. 19


    In summary, the road trip from Gilgit to Besham promises a blend of natural beauty, cultural insights, and a touch of adventure. From mountain panoramas and river vistas to town explorations and local encounters, every moment adds to the tapestry of your Pakistan journey.

    Accomodation: Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast
  20. 20


    The road trip from Besham to Islamabad is an expedition through time and terrain. From riverside tranquility and historic towns to mountain panoramas and cultural interactions, this journey offers a diverse and enriching experience. As you arrive in Islamabad, you’ll carry the memories of a journey that encapsulates the essence of Pakistan’s beauty and heritage.

    Meals: Breakfast
  21. 21


    Transfer to Islamabad International for home-bound flight


We always do the best in our power to follow the set itinerary, however it can change occasionally based on temporary access restrictions, weather, lodging/campground availability, guest ability/injury, and natural disasters like heavy rains, flooding, and other potential causes. Sometimes we experience unforeseen happens to affect the plan.


Would you like to customize this trip? We would be very happy to tailor made this experience for you and your companions. Our team is here to guide you through the process. We will take the time to listen to your aspirations, understand your travel style, and work closely with you to craft a personalized itinerary. Please click here to fill the trip information form.

Essential Information


Participants of all nationalities are required to have a valid passport with six months remaining validity and a visa for Pakistan. Visas must be applied online at   

The main category is MOUNTAINEERING & TREKKING and the sub-category is TREKKING. You will need a letter of invitation (LOI) which our office will provide along with the requisite documents like a Discover Pakistan license copy and the National Identity Card of the issuing authority. 



Some treks in Hindukush fall in restricted areas, a trekking permit is required and the security clearance process usually takes 30-45 days. It is highly recommended to apply at least 60 days in advance to avoid delays. Your visa application is linked with the application for the trekking permit.  Always remember for restricted zones to apply for trekking and mountaineering visas while filling out the visa application form.


As the trip is strenuous, it is a mandatory requirement to have an insurance policy for accidents, medical and helicopter evacuation covering at least $ 30,000.


Currently, all passengers entering Pakistan require a COVID VACCINATION CERTIFICATE (fully vaccinated). Those who do not have vaccination due to medicate reasons will need a certificate from a doctor. Those entering Pakistan without a Covid vaccination certificate need to show negative PCR as well. 

You do not need to show proof of any other vaccination but highly recommend having other vaccines. 


In the cities like Islamabad, there is no problem if you are in Western dress but in remote regions including Skardu, you will need to have a full dress (covering your body)


The local crew includes a licensed guide, cook, assistant cook, porter’s Sirdar, and porters. Our guides and cooks are well-experienced, strong, supportive, and friendly. They performed their duties with full dedication to facilitate our valued clients.     


The tour starts and ends in Islamabad. Discover Pakistan, a guide or representative will be at the airport to pick up the clients with the welcome signboard of Discover Pakistan.  We can also make reservations for pre and post-nights if anyone arrives early or departs late. 


Trekking in Hindukush is rated as a comfortable hike on the green, meadows, and terrain and some exposed section makes a tough trek while crossing passes, but provides some of the most stunning views in the world.  All members must be physically fit and capable of walking for about 6-8 hours a day as the highest point of the trek is above 5000m. However, the itinerary is designed in such a way that provides acclimatization by gaining height gradually, which allows the body to adjust to reduce air pressure at higher altitudes. For more details, you can click on the link below.


A list of personal equipment is provided below you can make personal kits according to your needs. 

  •  Gore-Tex Trekking Shoes (1 pair)
  • Socks (2-3 pairs)
  • Gaiters (1 set)
  • Crampons (1 set)
  • Slippers (1 pair) 
  • T-shirts (2-3)
  • Trousers (2-3 pairs)
  • Fleece Jacket  
  • Warm Clothing including inner dress/thermals
  • Gore-Tex Jacket (1 piece)
  • Down Jacket (1 piece) 
  • Sun Cap (1 piece)
  • Warm Hat (1 piece) 
  • Neck Cover (1 piece)
  • Hand Gloves/Mittens (2 pairs)
  • Rucksack (backpack) 50-60L
  • Trekking poles
  • Sleeping Bag (-20C—30C) 
  • Umbrella 
  • Headlamp (with extra batteries) 
  • Ultraviolet Protection Sun Glasses 
  • Sun Cream
  • Chap Stick or Lip Balm 
  • Water bottle 
  • Personal medication (if advised by the physician)
  • Note: Some equipment is available for rent or sale in Skardu 


Pakistan uses a one-time zone, which is Pakistan Standard Time (PKT). This is UTC+05:00 — that is, five hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time.


The power plugs and sockets in Pakistan are of type C and D. Type C plug has two round pins & the type D plug has three round pins arranged in a triangular pattern. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. It is recommended to bring a power plug adapter. 


Most major currencies are US Dollar & Euro, these are easily changed in Islamabad and Skardu as well. However, the exchange rate in Skardu is not as good as compared to Islamabad. You can check the foreign currency exchange rate at The exchange rates in the open market differ from the bank rate.


Tips for a guide, cook, assistant cook, Porter’s Sidar, and porters are customary. However, it is absolutely at the discretion of clients to decide about the amount of tips.  


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) offers 20 kg (1 piece) on a domestic flight in economy class to/from Skardu. For extra baggage (1 piece up to 20 kg), they charge PKR 5800 currently which is subject to change.


Personal clothing, packing items or bags, personal medical kits, and personal trekking gear can be purchased/rented in Skardu. Some of the items may not be available for rent and need to be purchased. Please confirm with us in advance. 


No departure taxes are applicable at Pakistan international airports. However, you can check with your concerned international carrier before traveling.   



3 meals a day will be provided during the hotel stay except for lunches and dinners in Islamabad. There will be one farewell dinner in Islamabad at the end of the trip. 


We do cater to any special food requirements during trekking if any client has food allergies or special dietary needs like vegetarian and vegan etc.  


Below is the list of major items we provide in the breakfasts with a combination of four or five items a day. 

  1. Porridge
  2. Corn Flacks
  3. Eggs (Omelets/Fried or according to demand)
  4. Paratha (a local form of bread)
  5. Muesli
  6. Jam
  7. Honey
  8. Marmalade
  9. Black tea
  10. Coffee
  11. Milk etc.


Below is the list of major items we provide at the lunches with a combination of three to four items a day during trekking. 

  1. Peanut butter
  2. Tuna Fish
  3. Sardine Fish
  4. Paratha  (Continued on next page)
  5. Cookies Sweet
  6. Cookies Saltish
  7. Dry Fruit
  8. Tin Fruit
  9. Potatoes/peas
  10. Green tea/Mixed tea
  11. Tang etc.


You will have a complete dinner with soup, two curries plus rice or Spaghetti or Macaroni & chapatti. There will be a dessert & green tea and coffee etc. as well. 

  1. Chapatti
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Macaroni
  4. Pasta
  5. Meat (Chicken, Mutton & Beef)
  6. Fresh vegetables
  7. Backed beans
  8. Green peas
  9. Noodles(Meggi)
  10. Salad
  11. Lentils
  12. Green tea etc.


  1. Pudding
  2. Kheer Mix
  3. Custard
  4. Jelly
  5. Fruit watermelon, Mangoes (in first weeks)

Any intolerance or allergies to the food items must be communicated in advance. If you have any personal choices that we can meet will also be provided. 


It is highly recommended to use mineral water in the cities and boiled/ filtered or purified water during the trekking. Do not drink running water from the rivers and streams. 


The weather in Islamabad is scorching during the summer season. You can expect a temperature between 30-40 degrees centigrade. If you travel by road to Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, expect the weather to also be very hot. The weather is similar to Islamabad in GB and Chitral, except 25-38 degrees centigrade. During the trekking on sunny days, expect the weather to be warm without any shade. Especially during the trek, the weather will be extremely hot on those days. It is advised to have proper sun protection in the form of an umbrella, a wide-brim hat, and plenty of sunscreens. However, the weather in the nighttime is more excellent, above 4000 meters; you can even expect the temperature to get down to below zero and experience snowfall. 


Trekking in Hindukush is easy and comfortable even for beginners. Most of the camping sites in Hindukush are grassy with clear spring water to drink and wash. These are the best option for people who like to experience the local communities along the trek. There are no high mountains like the Karakorum and the Himalayas. The highest mountain here is Terich Mir 7,879 m (the highest peak in Hindukush). However, there are numerous tiny and beautiful peaks and breathtaking landscapes to enjoy nature. This is the trek; only some people do it, unlike any other trek in Pakistan. There is a lot to explore in the Hindukush Range of Pakistan. We can plan a day hike to a month-long trek within the region. 

The most exciting highlights in Hindukush are blue sky lakes, waterfalls, rivers, lush green meadows, and summer pastures where the local communities go with herds of animals during the summer. It provides an excellent opportunity to experience the local cultures and traditions while traveling in Hindukush.


The trip can be reserved as an initial deposit of 30% at the time of booking. The initial deposit shall not be refunded but can be transferred for a future trip. 


We accept the entire trip cost 30 days before the commencement of the tour. The payments are only accepted in cash/bank transfers in a bank account. We don’t accept payments through credit cards. Please do not accept any invoice not generated by Discover Pakistan and sent through an official email ID. 

1) Cancellations must be notified in writing to Discover Pakistan or the agent through which the trip is booked. Cancellation charges shall be levied as follows:

  1. Cancellation before 30 days or more-After a deduction of 30%, the remaining amount will be refunded. If the deposit is retained with our client’s consent, no cancellation charges will be applied. The total amount will be adjusted with a future trip. 
  2. Cancellation within two weeks before departure –50 %  of the package offer
  3. Cancellation within one week of release or no-show –Loss of full payment 

2) There shall be no refunds if you leave the trip for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, after the journey trip begins. No refunds shall be made for unused meals, accommodation, or services.


Discover Pakistan is one of the leading Destination Management and Tour servicing companies founded to meet the travel needs of explorers, researchers, mountaineers, and trekkers worldwide. We always strive to focus on our valued clients’ safety, integrity, and comfort without discrimination. 

Our Values 

We have a designed set of values for our company that guides us to deliver the best travel experience to our clients; these values include: 

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Client Safety and Security
  • Customer Oriented Services
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We know our responsibility towards the local communities, their customs, and the environment. Therefore, some of our income is allocated explicitly towards humanitarian activities, including student support, skill development programs & micro-credit loans to women without interest. Details can be provided on request. 


We have worked with both local & foreign clients and are proud to say that Discover Pakistan has a long list of satisfied partners and individual clients worldwide. We maintain a balance between cost and quality. Our business philosophy, and the secret to our success, is “LESS PROFIT EQUALS MORE CLIENTS, AND MORE CLIENTS EQUALS MORE PROFIT’

  1. How fit do I need to be to do this trek?

    This is an easy trekking route. So, any person with little walking experience, even if you do not have any previous experience. You should be aware of what to expect and mentally prepare for it. Then, as long as you will too, you can.

  2. How long do we walk every day when doing Fairy Meadows, Naltar, and Attar trekking?

    On average, you walk about 4 to 6 hours per day. One or two days can be as less as 3hrs and one or two days can be as long as 7hrs (while crossing the passes


  3. What is the highest altitude reached in this trek?

    The highest altitude reached is 4740m. This is the elevation of Naltar and Attar Pass.

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At Discover Pakistan, we offer the opportunity to prolong and enrich your travel experience beyond the initial itinerary. Whether you’re exploring a new city, venturing into the wilderness, or embarking on a cultural immersion, our trip extensions allow you to delve deeper into the destination and discover hidden gems that may have otherwise remained undiscovered. By extending your journey, you can embrace new adventures, indulge in authentic experiences, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s an extra day, a few days, or a week, trip extensions provide the flexibility to personalize your travel and make the most of your time away.

Our team of travel experts is available to provide detailed itineraries, answer any queries you may have, and tailor the extensions to meet your preferences and requirements. Whether you are interested in extending your journey to explore cultural destinations, indulge in luxury experiences, or venture into off-the-beaten-path destinations, we are committed to creating an unforgettable experience for you.

Below are some sample extensions, however, they can be customized to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you, providing comprehensive information, and helping you plan your dream vacation.


Embark on an enchanting trip extension to the captivating Hunza Valley after conquering the challenging K2 Base Camp trek. Nestled amidst the majestic Karakoram Mountains in northern Pakistan, Hunza Valley is a gem waiting to be discovered. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, this extension promises an unforgettable journey into a paradise on Earth.





Indulge in the cultural richness and historical splendor of Lahore with a four-day extension after your K2 Base Camp trek. Discover the city’s captivating architecture, explore its ancient landmarks, and immerse yourself in its vibrant arts and culture scene.



After conquering the challenging Majestic Himalaya, Karakorum & Hindukush Trek, treat yourself to a luxurious three-day extension in the mesmerizing city of Dubai. This vibrant metropolis is renowned for its opulent lifestyle, futuristic architecture, and world-class entertainment. Indulge in unparalleled luxury and immerse yourself in the city’s extravagant offerings.

DAY 01: Dubai
DAY 02: Explore Dubai
DAY 03:  Explore Dubai
DAY 04:  Depart