Khushlim Khan

Khushlim Khan is one of the professional passionate guide grew up in the mountains of central Gilgit. He studied to his bachelor degree and joined tourism at a very early stage in 1998 as a trekking guide with Adventure Tours Pakistan (ATP). He learned the German Language to give his services as a tour and trekking guide. His enthusiasm in the mountains provided him an opportunity to reach the top of one of the above 7,000 meters Peak Spantik 7027 m in Karakorum.

During 23 years of his experience he worked with number of trekkers, expeditions and cultural tours. This include tourists from almost all around the world. He had unique experience of being invited by (DAV) Deutscher Alpenverein for climbing training in Germany during 2008. This unique experience took him to become a German basic speaking guide and since then he worked with German traveler’s groups. He has an honor to work with world famous climbers.

He is highly professional and sincere to his work above all. He led more than hundreds of trekking and several tour groups in the historical and archaeological heritage sites in Pakistan. He has an extensive knowledge of the history and geography of country. In addition, his honesty is beyond imagination. 

We have always got strong positive recommendations of our customers who have guided by Khushlim Khan. He has also visited to some of the European countries as well that adds to his profession to deal with customers as having knowledge of European culture and tradition of those countries. He has huge knowledge of organizing trips and assist the clients in the hard days while traveling.