Wahab Ali Shah Joshi

Wahab Ali Shah born in the land mountaineers one of the robust village of Upper Hunza Shimshal. This is the will village that gave birth to hundreds of mountaineers who assist climbers from all over the world in the high mountains of Pakistan as mountain guides. Wahab is one of them who climbed Nanga Parbat 8,125m the second highest Mountain in Pakistan and number 9 in the world. He climbed several 7,000 m and above 6,000s leading mountaineers. Apart from these he is instructor for the tedious rock climbing as well.

Wahab leads large trekking and climbing groups in the giant mountains of Pakistan and high technical passes. 

He has vast experience of leading trips with as passionate professional guide with extensive experience assisting groups. He has gained the best reputation while leading our clients in to the mountains and passes in the past. 

His extensive experience in the field has given him an unparalleled level of expertise, and his clients trust his judgment and ability to lead them safely on their journey.