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Best Places to Visit in Pakistan with Family

Embarking on a family adventure in Pakistan opens the doors to a diverse and enriching experience, making it the best place to visit Pakistan with family. From the vibrant streets of Lahore to the modern attraction of Islamabad and the enchanting landscapes of the mountainous Northern Pakistan, there’s something for every family. Let’s dive into the details of the most family-friendly destinations, accommodations, dining options, and the importance of travel insurance for a worry-free journey.

Lahore- A Cultural Extravaganza the Best Place to visit with Family

Lahore is in the best places to visit with family in Pakistan
A Historical Place in Lahore

Lahore, often referred to as the heart of Pakistan, is a cultural haven that stands as one of the best places to visit in Pakistan with family. Furthermore, explore the Lahore Fort and marvel at the grandeur of the Badshahi Mosque. The Walled City, with its bustling streets and colorful bazaars, offers a glimpse into the rich history of the region. For a family-friendly stay, consider [Family Oasis Hotel], a haven of comfort in the heart of Lahore.

Places to stay in Lahore with Family

Lahore is the best place in Pakistan to visit with family which offers amazing places to stay and eat. The following hotels are the best options to stay and eat.

  • Rose Palace Hotel in Gulberg

Three-star Rose Palace Hotel, Gulberg offers lodging with a fitness facility, free private parking, a garden, and a common lounge. Furthermore, it offers air-conditioned, free WiFi-equipped rooms with private bathrooms and a patio. The staff of the hotel are above all friendly and provide round-the-clock services.

  •  Goldcrest Luxury Apartments

Five-star Goldcrest Luxury Apartments in Lahore is the best hotel to stay in Lahore with family in Pakistan. This five-star hotel has a concierge and an ATM. The lodging has free WiFi, room service, airport transportation, and friendly staff 24/7 for your services.

  • Cosy Corner Homestay

One of the top places to stay with family in Lahore Pakistan with awesome attractions. The guesthouse offers free WiFi, free private parking, and air-conditioned rooms. Pearl Continental Hotel provides luxury services the best rooms and delicious food. Moreover, the management is cooperative and friendly as well. It also offers easy access to the sightseeing of the historical city of Pakistan.

  • Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore

 The only five-star luxury hotel in Lahore is this one. It boasts an elegant lobby named the Atrium and a contemporary design. Additionally, there is a sizable 40,000-square-foot convention center. The Pearl Continental Lahore can accommodate your demands and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The personnel assist you and ensure that your experience is excellent.

Islamabad-Where Modernity Meets Nature the best place to visit with family in Pakistan

Margala Hills are the best places to visit with family in Pakistan
Shah Faisal Mosque with Margala Hills Islamabad

As the capital city, Islamabad offers a modern retreat with a touch of nature, making it another best places to visit in Pakistan with family. The iconic Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, and the Pakistan Monument are must-visit attractions.

There are places to stay with a family-friendly hotel that provides a perfect blend of luxury and tranquility for your stay.

The best places to stay with Family in Islamabad

  • Islamabad Regalia Hotel

The Islamabad Regalia Hotel offers lodging with a fitness facility, free private parking, a garden, and a communal lounge. It is situated in Islamabad, 6.5 kilometers from Shah Faisal Mosque. About 8.1 miles separates the property from Lake View Park. The lodging offers free WiFi all across the property, a front desk staffed around the clock, airport transportation, and room service.

  • Signature Apartment Islamabad

The on-site fitness center offers both yoga and fitness sessions. The flat has both outdoor and indoor play equipment for visitors with kids. The apartment complex has barbecue facilities, and visitors may unwind in the garden or have a picnic in the picnic area.

  • Gulberg Green Islamabad

A newly refurbished lodging located in Islamabad, 18 km from Ayūb National Park and 24 km from Shah Faisal Mosque. Free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, and free private parking are all included in this apartment. In addition to providing airport transfers, the lodging also provides vehicle rentals.

  • Luxury Holiday Home in Islamabad

Recently refurbished, it offers its visitors a communal lounge and garden for their enjoyment. This hotel has free WiFi, free private parking, and access to a balcony. The lodging offers a common kitchen, round-the-clock security, and guest currency exchange.

Swat Valley – Nature’s Playground

For families seeking a serene escape, Swat Valley is a nature lover’s paradise. Nestled amid lush greenery and surrounded by snow-capped peaks, Swat promises a peaceful retreat. There are amazing places to walk around. It also offers short hikes and multi-day trekking opportunities. This is one of the best places in Pakistan to visit with family around the year. Above all winter is awesome here with snow on the top of the mountains and lush green in the lower parts of Sawat Valley where the panoramic views will captivate your family. As well as making it one of the best places to stay in Pakistan with family.

Places to stay with family in Pakistan Swat Valley

  • SWAT HILL VIEW RESORT: exclusively for families

It is a family-only establishment offering lodging and cosmetic services. In addition to free private parking and free WiFi, there is a restaurant in the hotel to eat. Furthermore, it provides mesmerizing views of the surroundings and walking destinations as well.

The guest home has a baby safety gate and an indoor play area for visitors with kids.

  • Ihram Hotel and Guest House

In Swat, the Ihram Hotel and Guest House features a garden, a common lounge, a patio, and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. The three-star hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms and a café. It makes it the best place to visit and stay with family because it provides a playground for kids. Hiking and skiing are popular in the region, and this hotel offers vehicle and bike rentals.

  • River Breeze Family Hotel in Swat

The River Breeze Family Hotel in Swat offers air-conditioned lodging. This establishment greets visitors with a restaurant, a water park, and a patio in addition to room service. For those who wish to explore the neighborhood, the hotel offers free private parking and vehicle rental services. Moreover, you may have local guided and taxi services from the hotel to the site visits.

  • Rock and City Resort

 This beautiful hotel is Situated in Swat, with a beautiful garden. In addition, the view of the surrounding areas has no parallel here. The rooms are wide and airy and the touch of the local food adds to the joys of your family.

Apart from all this, this 3-star hotel has room service, a kids’ club, and complimentary WiFi. For those who wish to explore the neighborhood, the hotel offers free private parking and vehicle rental services.

Hunza – Majestic Mountains and Culture

Attaabad Lake Hunza Valley

Venturing further north, Hunza is a jewel in the crown of Northern Pakistan. Surrounded by majestic mountains, it offers a unique blend of natural beauty and rich culture. Visit historical sites like Baltit Fort and indulge in local traditions. Stay at the amazing hotels providing not just accommodation but an experience that complements the majestic surroundings.

Family Hotels to stay and places to eat in Hunza Valley

  • Dumani Nagar Hotel & Resort

While visiting Nagar Valley a restaurant, a communal lounge, and a garden. This facility has a children’s playground in addition to a concierge service. The lodging offers free WiFi all in the whole covering area. In addition, the staff of the hotel is cooperative which makes your stay enjoyable.  Above all, the views are mesmerizing.  Booking in advance is a must here because you will not find any room during the season without booking.

  • Offto-Resort Karimabad Hunza Valley

This is one of the best family hotels in Hunza Valley with experienced management. Above all, the rooms offer a comfortable stay. The food is delicious at all. In addition, the spectacular views from the hotel are awe-inspiring. Moreover, the delicious food of the restaurant with local touch adds to the joys.

  • PC Legacy Hunza Nasir Abad Hunza

Five-star Hunza lodging is available through PC Legacy Hunza. The best place to stay for family in Hunza which 24-hour active, and free WiaFi. Free private parking is offered, and there’s an American restaurant on site. The best views of Rakhaposhi and Hunza River.

  • Hotel Hunza View

Hunza is home to the Hunza View Hotel. This 3-star hotel has free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, and a communal lounge. In addition to offering free private parking, the hotel also lets visitors who like to explore the neighborhood rent a car. Moreover, walking distance of Altit and Baltit Forts which are the top historical landmarks of Hunza Valley. Furthermore, local guides are also available to help you plan your day hikes and multiple trekking.

Skardu – Gateway to Heaven the Base of the Great Mountains

Shigar Fort is the best place to visit in Pakistan with family in Northern Pakistan
Shigar Fort

Skardu, often referred to as the gateway to heaven, is another gem in Northern Pakistan. It is also home to great mountains of Pakistan like K-2, Broad Peak, and Gasherbrum I & II. The mesmerizing Shangrila Resort and the serene Shigar Fort are perfect for family exploration. In addition, there are some of the best places to visit with family to enjoy nature. Furthermore, it offers a cozy retreat with breathtaking views, ensuring your family experiences the best of Skardu.

Thousands of adventure lovers from the country and out country move there during the summer. Above all, the trekkers to K2 Base Camp and Ghondoghora La enjoy in Skardu.

The Best Places to Stay and Dine with Family in Skardu Pakistan

  • Shangrila Resort

One of the top hotels in Pakistan with a high track record is the best place with families to visit Pakistan and stay. It has long experience in the hospitality sector the awesome staff of the hotel makes your stay exciting. In addition, Shangrila Lake and Upper Kachura Lake are the best attractions to see for visitors, especially with family.

  • Dewan-e-Khas Hotel Skardu

Hotel Dewanekhas Skardu. This 4-star hotel has free WiFi, free shuttle service, and free room service. The lodging provides visitors with currency exchange, a concierge, and an ATM.

There is a restaurant offering Chinese, Indian, and Vietnamese food in Hotel Dewanekhas Skardu. You may also ask for dairy-free and vegetarian choices. In addition, local food is served in this hotel with delicious taste. Moreover, there is eye-bird’s view of the entire Skardu Valley.

  • Hotel Eat and Read

The 2-star Eat and Read Hotel is located in Skardu and features a restaurant, a patio, and a garden. The lodging has free WiFi, room service, airport transportation, and a front desk staffed around the clock.

The hotel has balconies in each of its rooms. The Eat and Read Hotel’s rooms come with a view of the mountains and a private bathroom with a shower and slippers. The lodging offers a safety deposit box and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels in each of its guest rooms.

  • Skardu Eat and Stay Hotel

One of the best hotels to stay and eat with family. Moreover, this aparthotel offers free WiFi, free shuttle service, and free private parking. The aparthotel has a restaurant where visitors may grab a bite to eat, as well as a hammam, outdoor fireplace, and picnic area. The staff is cooperative and friendly and provides the best services to customers.

Phander – A Hidden Gem in Pakistan to visit with family

Phander, a hidden gem in the Ghizer district, is surrounded by captivating landscapes and the pristine Phander Lake. There are several lakes in the surrounding and also offers fascinating day hikes and long days trekking destinations. Above all, the crystal clear Phander River rich in trout fish provides a uniqueness in the places to visit in Pakistan with family. Moreover, for families seeking tranquility, there are ideal choices, providing a serene environment and access to the untouched beauty of Phander.

Apart from all, the road to Shandur Pass (3,732 meters) passes through Phanser Valley which adds to the beauty of the best places to visit with family in Pakistan.

The Best Hotels to Stay and Eat in Phander Valley

  • Hill Top Lodge Phander

This is one of the best hotels to stay in Phander Valley. It has comfortable rooms with attached baths and a lovely garden to sit in and look at the stars at night. The view from the hotel is amazing the staff of the hotel make your stay exciting.  Especially for families, there are open grounds for children to enjoy nature that you don’t find anywhere else like this.

  • Sada Bahar Hotel in Phander Valley

This is another hotel for families to stay with comfortable rooms and, a beautiful garden. In addition, the local food and the trout fish directly from the river add to the beauty of the hotel. The cooperative staff and management are an addition to services.

  • Lake Inn Hotel Phander

This hotel has comfortable rooms a beautiful garden with fresh apricot fruit during the summer and apples in the autumn. The view of the Phander Lake is an addition to the hotel’s beauty and delicious food. The manager will also facilitate you for day hikes or more days of planning with his long-time hospitality experience. Without a doubt, this is one of the best places to stay and visit with family in Pakistan.

Yasin Valley – Untouched Beauty in the Hindukush

Yasin Valley, nestled in the heart of Gilgit, is an untouched beauty waiting to be explored. With its meandering rivers and lush landscapes, it’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Yasin Valley offers a comfortable stay amid the natural wonders of Yasin Valley. There are several day hikes in Yasin Valley you may enjoy with your family. Check with our post here for more information. It has an amazing history from the Tebitan era to the Russian invasion over Darkot Pass. The story of the rulers of Yasin is exciting from the early ages before the independence of Pakistan.

The hospitality of the locals of Yasin has top popularity in Pakistan.

The Best Hotels to Stay and Eat in Yasin Valley

  • Fort Hotel Yasin

The top place to stay is Yasin Valley with family and eat. The spectacular views of the snow-covering mountains from your windows. The beautiful garden and cultural touch of the architecture add to your experience. The local food serving is unparallel here in this hotel. Furthermore, the story and history of the owner of the Yasin Fort add more experience. Real hospitality is found here in the best places to visit with family in Pakistan.

  • Yasin Heaven Star Hotel

Yasin Heaven Star Hotel places a high value on the comfort and convenience of its visitors. Each room at the hotel has contemporary conveniences including high-speed WiFi, heaters, and flat-screen TVs. The hotel offers amenities to suit a variety of demands. There are plenty of big family rooms, shared rooms, and couple rooms to suit different tastes in lodging. The hotel welcomes visitors to discover Gilgit Baltistan’s natural treasures while taking in the peace of Yaseen Valley.

Dining Delights Across Pakistan Best Places to Visit with Family

Exploring the best places to visit in Pakistan with family is incomplete without indulging in the local cuisine. From the spicy delights of Lahore to the traditional dishes in Hunza, each region has its culinary charm. Savor the flavors of Biryani, Seekh Kebabs, and Chapli Kebabs at [Local Flavor Restaurant], ensuring your family experiences the best of Pakistani cuisine.

SafetyWing Travel Insurance for a Secure Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions: About the best place to visit Pakistan with family

 Is Pakistan safe for family travel?

 Yes, Pakistan is generally safe for families. Stick to popular tourist destinations, follow local guidelines, and enjoy a secure experience.

What types of activities are suitable for families in Pakistan?

Pakistan offers a range of family-friendly activities, including historical tours, nature walks, and cultural experiences.

 Why choose SafetyWing for travel insurance?

SafetyWing provides affordable and comprehensive travel insurance tailored for families, ensuring a worry-free vacation.


 Finally, Pakistan stands out as the best place to visit with family, offering a perfect blend of culture, nature, and hospitality. From the vibrant cities to the serene Northern regions, each destination has its unique charm. With family-friendly accommodations, delightful dining options, and the added security of SafetyWing travel insurance, your family adventure in Pakistan promises to be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Start planning your journey today and create cherished moments in the heart of South Asia in the best places to visit with family in Pakistan.